Pen Chalet is Giving Away 3 Pens in March

Pen Chalet is running a give away three pens this March. The first place winner will win a Conklin Herringbone Fountain Pen, second place will win a Sheaffer 300 Ferarri Ballpoint Pen Gift Set, and the third place prize will be a Monteverde Artista Fountain Pen. Entries are earned by following Pen Chalet’s various social media pages and sharing the contest on your social media sites.

The contest closes on March 9th, 2015, so enter at the Pen Chalet.

The Hunt for a Rollerball Compatible with Fountain Pen Ink

So lately, I have been looking around for the perfect fountain pen ink compatible refillable rollerball pen. No, I have not been brainwashed or kidnapped and forced to write the previous sentence. I usually rely on three or four pens when I write notes for school, one handling the bulk of the writing and the others to emphasize certain parts. The other pens usually don’t get much use and are usually filled with some eye popping colours, so drying out is a serious concern as they may lay filled for over a month or more. As much as I love fountain pens, leaving them filled for as long as I do should be avoided.

Although I have an excellent Platinum #3776 Century that handles being left filled for extended periods of time, I was hoping for a solution that would allow me to leave the pen uncapped and sitting on my desk for ten minutes at a time. The best tool for the job here is an ink rollerball, so much to the horror of some of my fountain pen wielding friends, my search begins.

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