Galen Leather Single Leather Fountain Pen Sleeve Review

Galen Leather Single Pen Sleeve Empty
Every day carry (EDC) of a fountain pen can be tricky business. Unlike the ever popular $3 USD Zebra F-301 or the $1.20 Pilot G2, fountain pen tend to be a little more valuable. So owners are going to be understandably more protective of their Pilot Vanishing Points and Metropolitans.  After all, pens are not all nearly as indestructible as the Lamy Safari, which survived being run over by a car with only a few dings.  There are plenty of options for protecting your EDC fountain pen while it rides in your pocket, but it seems like the popular option is the leather pen case. Galen Leather’s Single Leather Fountain Pen Case/Sleeve looks like a match made in heaven for EDC fountain pens.

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