Fountain Pen Revolution Fine Stub Nib Review

A short handwritten review of the Fountain Pen Revolution Fine Stub Nib. The nib is a #5 nib size and will fit pens like the TWSBI Diamond and all of FPR’s offerings. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend the nib unless you really want a fine stub nib and are unwilling to grind your own. The nib is insanely scratchy compared to FPR’s other nib offerings. There are better priced stub nibs that are much smoother.


Fountain Pen Revolution Fine Stub Review

Ink: Noodler’s Apache Sunset
Price: $7 USD

My introduction to stub nibs. Cheap but VERY scratchy. Some nib smoothing helped a little, but not much. The Size is nice to give a little flair to every day writing without becoming excessive or distracting. This nib is the old style without the FPR engraving.

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