Pelikan Launches Contest to Select the 2015 Edelstein Ink of the Year

Pelikan has started a contest that challenges internet visitors to mix their perfect ink colour. The German company will be selecting five entrants to join five Pelikan employees to choose the a winner out of the top fifteen contest entries. The creator of the winning entry will net themselves a M400 fountain pen in black-green. There are also bottles of Edelstein inks up for grabs for the finalists.

To enter, create your own colour using Pelikan’s design tools. Once you submit it, it will be added to the gallery of colours where visitors around the world will vote on it. The top fifteen most popoular entries will be judged and whittled down to three finalists. Pelikan will try to create Edelstein inks that best mirror the entry and choose one to release as 2015’s ink of the year. Good luck to all the entrants!

Pelikan Ink of the Year Contest

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