A Letter to Sailor

Dear Sailor,

Look Sailor, we need to talk. I understand you tried to remedy this situation with that little plastic adapter inside the ink bottle, but it isn’t cutting it. Seriously, a vast majority of my pens are simply too tall to actually use the bottle to fill. Sure, the bottle looks unique compared to the legions of tall bottles, but we have a bit of a problem. Even with a full bottle of ink, I can’t fill my pens. Why bother even putting that plastic adapter when I probably will have to use a syringe or just put the converter directly into the bottle? I’m sure I could have gotten at least an extra converter or two of ink if you ditched the plastic bit. Your ink is great, but your design department needs to visit the engineering department once in a while. Please look into redesigning the bottles. Until then, your ink will have to reside in another container.

With love,

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  1. I run into this issue with a lot of bottles, especially as I get closer to the bottom of the bottle. I recommend getting a syringe to fill the pen with the Sailor ink bottle. There are a couple demo posts on my blog if you search for “syringe”.

    Hope that helps.

    1. The syringe workaround works well. However, it’s just disappointing that I have to do this with completely full Sailor bottles with a good portion of my pen collection. I’m thinking about giving up and just dumping the contents of the bottle into a TWSBI ink well.

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