Tech Force Pens Achieves Goal on Kickstarter

Kickstarter is home to some of the coolest new stationery ideas. CNC pens are all the rage there and Josh Wilson is venturing into the fray with his Tech Force Pen and ruler concept. The Tech Force Pen consists of a triangular ruler with metric and imperial markings along with a pen that accepts Pilot Hi Tec C refills. When not in use, the pen stores in the ruler with a little help from pneumatic pressure.

The Tech Force Pen will be manufactured in the United States. The brushed aluminum finish is available for $50 and the black anodized finish will cost $75. Shipping within the US will be free, international shipping is $5. Each pledge will come with 3 Hi Tec C refills in different sizes: 0.4mm, 0.3mm, and .25mm. No word on what colour ink will be available. The pledges are scheduled to ship out in May 2014.

Josh has hit his funding goal, so this project is a go. There are 19 days left in the project and no word yet on the post-Kickstarter plans. The current price is very reasonable at $50, but I doubt the $50 price point will be around for long considering similar products that were also Kickstarted are now sold for $150.

Tech Force Pen

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